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Trintoplan Consultants Limited
Phone: + 868-640-1981/5
Fax: + 868-640-0708

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The mission of Trintoplan Consultants Limited is to provide Engineering Service and Products of the highest quality, to gain secure, stable footholds in local and international Markets to protect the best interests of its shareholders.

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Project Administration Centre

Ms. Allana Sanchez-Sylvester - Head, Project Administration Centre

Department Size: 6 administrative personnel

Contact Info:

Ms. Sanchez-Sylvester is responsible for the effective functioning of the Project Administration Centre, which provides a full range of word processing and documentation services within the Company and is an essential link in the process of providing quality products and services to Clients in the Engineering Industry.


The Project Administration Centre is equipped with an inventory of modern computers, software, printers and other equipment required for electronic word processing and engineering functions. This inventory of hardware and software is under continual review and development in order to reflect the current workload of the Company, and to keep pace with the advances in technology.