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Trintoplan Consultants Limited
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The mission of Trintoplan Consultants Limited is to provide Engineering Service and Products of the highest quality, to gain secure, stable footholds in local and international Markets to protect the best interests of its shareholders.

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Reprographics Department

The Reprographics Department of Trintoplan is well outfitted with equipment and facilities to satisfy the demands of all our Departments and Divisions for reprographics services.  This department has the capability and capacity for the production of high volume and high quality document and form printing, collating, assembling of documents, binding and all Print Shop related services.  Where high volume and quality impressions are required, the Hamada 660 CD two-colour offset duplicator is used.  The Kyocera KM 4800 printer is used for producing building and house plans, 36” wide and of any length.


This Department also provides these specialized services to external Clients upon request.