Company Evolution

Core of Trintoplan

Concept of Networking

The concept of "networking" with other firms was at the core of Trintoplan from its very inception.

The oil boom of 1977 to 1985 overloaded the construction sector and caused Trintoplan to grow to a total of 384 Engineers and Technicians. These human resources were applied to the many large process and infrastructure projects of the time in joint venture relationships with foreign partners, and a great deal of technology transfer took place.

In the aftermath of the Oil Boom, severe contraction took place and these resources were diffused. Many are now attached to other engineering companies, or form part of an available technical resource pool.

There is therefore a synergy in our relationships with satellite firms in the network, built upon the fact that many of the people are past employees of Trintoplan, and as such, there is a commonality of discipline, approach and quality consciousness.

In mobilising for project works, Trintoplan is therefore in a position to draw on its own resources, as well as those of satellite firms, or from the diverse technical resource pool. The project team will typically also consists of a few persons drawn from our foreign partners, and placed in key positions to ensure that the process of technology transfer never ceases.