Environmental Policy

Our Priority

Environmental Policy

TRINTOPLAN is committed to the preservation of the environment and will minimize the company's impact to the receiving environment. Trintoplan will manage its waste safely and in a manner that will not result in pollution of the environment and harm to human. animal and plant health.

The company recognizes its duty to appropriate environmental practices under the Environmental Management Act 2000. All employees will be given training on the environmental policy. Other methods of communication will include email, posters and memos.

Employees of Trintoplan will adhere to any and all environmental procedures and policies on the clients' sites.

TRINTOPLAN is also committed to minimizing its impact on the environment by implementing policies and procedures which comply with STOW-TT. This will be done by:

  • Identification of the environmental aspects from their activities:
  • Monitoring the significant environmental aspects and implementing plans to reduce the negative environmental impacts over time:
  • Implementing and maintaining good environmental practices:
  • Providing relevant information and training on environmental management:
  • Working to ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation:
  • Annual review of environmental aspects, and
  • Continuously monitor environmental performance and implement recommendations.