Geotechnical Department


Years of Experience

The Geotechnical Department of Trintoplan is well equipped, and capable of performing detailed soil investigations.

The company owns and operates a total of five drill rigs that can drill to depths of up to 80 metres under various topographic and sub-surface conditions on-shore and off-shore.

The most versatile drill rig is the CME 55 hollow stem rotary auger rig and accessories, which permits drilling in clays, sands and gravels, as well as coring in rocks. Other drill rigs include two rotary skid rigs and two Acker portable drill rigs, which are more suited for work in terrain that is difficult to access with the larger rig.

The Soils Laboratory is well outfitted with apparatus and equipment to allow for the performance of a wide range of soil tests that include routine classification tests, to more complex tests, such as consolidation tests and triaxial testing with pore pressure measurements.

The Geotechnical Department also has the capability for effecting structural design of highway and airport pavements, quality control of earthworks, cementitious concrete and asphaltic concrete construction, as well as monitoring of pile installation and pile load testing. We now possess Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) equipment for conducting dynamic pile load testing and monitoring of pile driving.