Local Affiliations

Trintoplan is fully committed to the concept of maximization and utilization of national resources and local expertise in all areas of project development and execution.

In the furtherance of this commitment, Trintoplan has encouraged the formation of alliances and interactive networking with local and foreign companies with project-specific experience, resources and expertise so that our engineers and technicians working alongside more experienced personnel can readily receive the benefit from the qualitative transfer of technology both in theory and prac­tice.

Trintoplan has in the past formed local alliances with the following companies:

  1. Ecoengineering ConsultantsLimited
  2. Alpha Engineering & Design (2002) Limited
  3. Geotech Associates Limited
  4. Welsh Morris and Associates
  5. VMH Planning Ltd
  6. Engineering Consultants ltd (ENCO)
  7. WR Partnership