Safety Policy

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Safety Policy

Trintoplan Consultants Limited is committed to protecting the safety and health of its employees, Clients, and all persons who can be affected by the work. The risks inherent in all our activities are assessed and managed to prevent occurrences of occupational injuries, illnesses, property damage and adverse impact on the environment.

The company believes that all injuries, both on and off the job, can be prevented by a dedicated effort to make safety a way of life. Therefore TRINTOPLAN will in furtherance of this policy:

  • Comply with all applicable legislation. codes, and best practices and in the absence of such, apply responsible standards and safe work methods.
  • Assess all risk to employees, clients. third parties. equipment and the environment before the undertaking of a task
  • Record risks and ensure they are controlled as far as reasonably practicable.
  • Ensure that employees are well informed, trained, engaged in and committed to continuous improvement in OSH performance.
  • Provide all employees with safe working conditions and equipment.
  • Provide safe systems of work for all processes and procedures performed by staff.
  • Provide suitable means for reporting near misses, incidents and accidents overtly and covertly on any employee.
  • Provide safe means of storing, handling. transporting and disposal of any substance which is harmful to employees and the environment.
  • Provide safe means of escape in emergency situations to both staff and visitors.
  • Make every reasonable effort to prevent incidents and protect the safety and health of employees, clients and third parties.
  • Identify the potential environmental impacts from new business/ projects and the measures necessary for reducing or eliminating the impacts.
  • Consistently enforce all occupational safety. health and environmental rules.
  • Review the Health and Safety Policy at least once every three years.

Management will provide the necessary direction, resources, training and will demand the complete and active participation by all employees at all times.

Supervisors/Team Leaders will provide the necessary information and instruction to employees and will encourage and monitor all matters relating to health, safety, security and environment.

As a condition of continuous employment, all employees are required to: